5 x 8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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October 24, 2023
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Your bathroom, regardless of its size, should be a sanctuary where you can unwind, refresh, and prepare for the day ahead. But what if you have a small 5 x 8 bathroom that feels more cramped than cozy?

The good news is that the right approach can transform even the most compact spaces into stylish and functional havens. Although a small bathroom can be a challenging space to work with, you can achieve amazing results with the right design and creative solutions.

In this article, we'll explore some innovative ideas and solutions provided by experienced bathroom remodel contractors to help you elevate your small bathroom and make the most of your 5 X 8 bathroom plans.

Maximize Storage

In a small bathroom, storage is often at a premium. Be creative and consider your options.

Recessed shelves in the shower area or next to the vanity are a smart way to store toiletries and keep the space clutter-free

You can also opt for a wall-mounted vanity to create the illusion of more floor space while providing storage underneath. In turn, a mirrored medicine cabinet offers a dual purpose; a reflective surface and concealed storage for essentials.

Install wall-mounted towel racks and hooks can keep towels and robes easily accessible, while also taking up less space.

Light and Bright Colors

Choosing the right color scheme is key to making a small bathroom feel more spacious. Light and bright colors can work wonders. For example, white and soft pastel shades like pale blue or mint green can make the room feel airy and open.

Incorporate mirrors and glass elements to reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space. It is also a good idea to use large, light-colored tiles to visually expand the space.

Space-Saving Fixtures

Bathroom remodel contractors can help you select space-saving fixtures to optimize your bathroom layout. Some ideas to consider include:

Installing a corner sink or vanity can make the most of awkward corner spaces. A built-in shower niche eliminates the need for bulky shower caddies and adds a sleek, uncluttered look.

Traditional swinging doors can eat up precious space. Pocket or sliding doors are great alternatives.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Well-planned lighting can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your small bathroom.

Bright task lighting around the vanity or mirror is essential for daily grooming tasks.

Soft, ambient lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere. Consider wall sconces or a pendant light.

If possible, introduce natural light through a window or skylight to make the space feel more open and inviting.

Innovative Tile Choices

Your choice of tiles can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Mosaic tiles are versatile and can add visual interest without overwhelming the space. Whereas textured tiles create depth and dimension, making your bathroom feel more dynamic.

Installing tiles in a horizontal pattern can visually widen the space without any extra effort.

Built-In Storage and Shelving

Create built-in storage and shelving that maximizes space and adds personality to your bathroom.

Built-in shelves in the shower are perfect for keeping shower essentials within easy reach. Wall niches are excellent for showcasing decorative items or adding more storage without eating up floor space.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors are an essential element in small bathroom design, and there are many creative ways to use them.

A mirrored accent wall can make your bathroom feel twice as large and add a touch of glamour.

Medicine cabinets with mirrored fronts provide extra storage and a reflective surface.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage solutions can make the most of your wall space. Take time to consider elegant but effective options. For example, tall, narrow cabinets can store linens, cleaning supplies, and more without taking up much floor space.

On the other hand, wall-mounted shelving units can hold towels, baskets, and decorative items.

Luxurious Materials

Small bathrooms can still feel luxurious with the right materials. Take your time to design a cohesive and unique space by considering all your options.

A frameless glass shower enclosure looks elegant and visually expands the space. Frameless shower doors create a clean and open look. The absence of metal frames allows for uninterrupted visual flow, making the bathroom appear more spacious.

High-quality materials like marble and natural stone can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Upgrading to premium fixtures and faucets can elevate the entire bathroom's appearance.

Concealed Toilet Tank

Toilets with concealed tanks save space and look sleek. These fixtures are wall-mounted, with the tank hidden within the wall, providing a minimalist and modern aesthetic in your 5 X 8 bathroom design.

Bold Accents

While keeping the majority of your bathroom design light and bright, consider adding bold accents in the form of:

  • Colorful towels
  • Decorative rugs
  • Vibrant accessories

This will inject personality into the space and reflect your aesthetic.

Heated Flooring

Radiant heated flooring is a luxurious addition that ensures comfort in your bathroom, especially during the colder months. It eliminates the need for bulky radiators or baseboard heaters.

Underfloor Storage

Underfloor storage can be a clever solution if you have limited floor space. You can install pull-out drawers or cabinets beneath your vanity to keep essentials organized and out of sight.

Custom Cabinetry

Tailor-made cabinets can be designed to perfectly fit your bathroom's dimensions. This allows for efficient storage solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Use the services of a professional to achieve a custom look. They have the expertise to guide you through these creative solutions and help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams, even in a small space.

Need Help With Your 5 X 8 Bathroom Design?

Remember, with the right design, your small bathroom can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By implementing these ideas and working with experienced professionals, you can transform your 5 x 8 bathroom into a stylish, efficient, and comfortable retreat that you'll be proud to show off.

If you're ready to make your bathroom dreams into reality, contact Revolution Contractors today! Revolution Contractors is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing high-quality contracting services to the Tampa Bay Area since 2016.

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