These are based on budgets and data from recent projects performed by Revolution and other contractors across the Tampa Bay area

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen budgets can swing wildly due to the variance in cabinets, countertops, and appliances as well as the opportunity to change the layout. These prices typically include cabinets, counters, fixtures, paint, tile, and appliances. Flooring and drywall transitions and matching are always a consideration.
$40,000 - $100,000

Condo Remodel

Condo projects are similar to houses except with significantly higher levels of complication. Typically condo project costs will be 15-25% higher than single familes, depending on logistics such as ease of access, shortened working hours, flooring and wall requirements, extra cleaning and protection, HOA and management coordination, etc.
$200-$400/sq. ft.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom budgets are driven by tile and fixtures. Prices are pushed up in larger bathrooms with more tile, especially if it is higher quality or laid in custom patterns. Additionally, fancier fixtures carry a higher price tag but can also necessitate upgrades to plumbing supplies and drains.
$18,000 - $60,000

New Custom Home Builds

Proximity to flood zone, height, and finish level are all obvious drivers for cost of new home builds. We are happy to work with your architect or one of our partners to make sure your budget is a paramount concern during initial design of your dream home.
$350-$450/sq. ft.

Full Home Remodel

Obviously there are too many factors to even get close, but one starting point is to consider which high-value rooms like kitchens and baths need to be redone and start with those broad strokes
$150-300/sq. ft.


Adding onto a home and making it look like the new space was always there takes considerable skill and, dare we say it, a little bit of artistry. It is not cheap but it will significantly add to the value of your home.
$350-450/sq. ft.
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Custom Projects - Billed at Time and Materials

If you can dream it up we can make it happen. We will be as honest in our assessment as possible to try to come up with a reasonable estimate for any out of the box ideas! Additionally- if there is a specialist we know of who can do it cheaper or better than we can we are happy to refer you out so your project gets the best attention possible, whatever it is!
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