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You shouldn’t have to go through all the trouble of remodeling your home on your own. Let us help.

Remodeling a house can be a difficult and costly endeavor. It is not something to be taken lightly, as it requires a great deal of planning, budgeting, and labor.

Even the smallest construction project has the potential to go off the rails. From project issues that arise from the property or the nature of construction to the well-known cliches about working with contractors, the opportunities for problems to creep in are manifest. At Revolution we spend time recognizing these gremlins and preventing them as soon as possible.


We use industry-leading project management software platforms to organize all of our jobs. From budget to timeline everything is contained in the same space and visible to clients


Built into our management platform are email and text tools so our client communication is direct and timely. Discussions about layout, selections, and changes can be contained. Each job has a designated project manager and all clients have cell phones of Revolution owners, who are typically the first and last points of contact.

Permitting and approvals

We have dedicated office staff with established relationships and experience with all local building departments spanning across hundreds of permit applications and cycles

Dealing with older houses and outdated construction methods and materials

Our estimators and field crews have hundreds of years of combined experience that guides everything we do. We wouldn’t be so arrogant to say we’ve seen it all but there aren’t many situations that we can’t handle.

Managing costs

Over time we have found that the best contract method for us and our clients for remodel work is a time and materials, or cost plus basis. It allows for total transparency and gives the client ongoing control as the project progresses. See more about how we handle your money here

Fairness and Reliability

We utilize two levels of estimation in the pre-construction period to identify all the costs of the project. We endeavor to always do what we say and to be accurate in our estimating and billing.

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