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Revolution Contractors team is a design-build expert for renovations in St Petersburg condos and residential high-rises. We are full-service condo remodel contractors who handle everything from design and City/HOA permits to construction. Our expert team comes with almost a decade's experience. Contact us to see how easy good remodeling can be!


There are various reasons why remodeling a condo is completely different from remodeling a single family home. For instance, condos are apartments in bigger buildings, while single family homes are separate buildings. If you have a condo that needs to be redone, you need a contractor who understands this and has the team to see your project through. 

We are experienced condo remodelers. We are comfortable working with HOA reps, property managers, and building engineers. We have the tools and know-how to make your condo project a success.

Wave Goodbye to Condo Remodel Nightmares

Your condo is in need of a remodel, but you're not sure where to start. You've heard nightmare stories from friends about their remodeling experiences, and you don't want that for yourself.

You're in luck! Revolution Contractors has extensive experience in remodeling condos. When you have our skilled team on your side, the complicated process of renovating a condo is easy and quick. We make sure that your vision comes to life without sacrificing quality or style.

The whole process goes more smoothly than you ever thought possible thanks to our proactive approach to project management. Don't let your fear of remodeling hold you back from getting the condo of your dreams. Trust our experience and expertise to make your condo remodel a success.

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What to Expect from Our Condo Remodel Contractors

It is an honor to run a business with family members as owners. Our skilled employees and reliable group of carpenters and other professionals ensure that the work we do is of the highest quality. Here's what you can expect from us:


We work together as a team by having the same goals and values.


Getting it right the first time is our responsibility.


Excellence in construction is something we want to learn and pass on to others.


Our vigilance and accountability ensure that we and those around us are safe.


Efficiently managing company and customer resources is our top priority.


We have an innate need to finish what we start.


Our use and contributions to Revolution Contractors's systems and procedures are ongoing and substantial.


Remodeling a condo is much more complicated than remodeling a single-family home—are you up for the challenge?

Revolution Contractors are experienced condo remodelers. We understand the unique challenges that come with working on condos, from coordinating with HOA reps to making sure we have the right tools and materials. With our help, your condo project will be a success!

From start to finish, we’ll handle every step of the process so you can sit back, relax and know your remodel dreams are coming true! Our team believes in quality workmanship and superior customer service – get ready to see results beyond what you expected.

Learn more about how Revolution approaches condominium projects by visiting our website today! Your dream project awaits!

Why Choose Us?

Our knowledge, experience, and dedication to making every client happy make us the best choice for commercial remodeling and construction in St. Petersburg. We ensure that your condo matches your style and shows off who you are.


Family is what our business is built on. All of our clients are like family to us, and we care about their projects as if they were our own. 


Our full team of hardworking technicians makes us proud. They have a lot of skills that work together to make sure you always get good results.


Starting in 2016, we have become the go-to place for people in St Petersburg to do building and remodeling work.


We can change any plan to fit the budget of our clients. Moreover, you can believe us to finish the project on time and well.


We do not stop talking to you at any point. We care what you think and want you to be aware of all the progress being made.

condo remodel contractors

Loved by our customers

Nothing means more to us than making our clients happy, unless perhaps it is making them so happy they come back to us or refer us to their friends and family!

"We had multiple contractors tell us that our 100-year old bungalow in Old Southeast should be torn down instead of remodeled. Revolution worked with us on an extensive plan to rebuild structural components and remodel the entire house. Now we have the best house in the block!"

Sean K.

"The guys at Revolution have done projects for us in two houses now. They added a master bathroom for us in northeast St Pete and then remodeled every square inch of a 4500-sq. ft house in Pinellas Pt. Through every challenge over two years of construction they have been there pushing our projects forward. We wouldn't use anybody else!"

Adlai G.

"Awesome company! I had Revolution Contractors do some work on my house and did an amazing job!!! The guys there are great to work with and very professional and knowledgeable on there work. I am very happy they way there work came out and will be getting more work done on my house from them."

Jason Shelton

"Find them to be very professional, provvide sufficient onfo for bidding, easy to contact, and most importantly they pay good. All and all NuTrend really enjoys a very productive and lucrative relationship with Revolution Contractors would recommend the and do often"

David Silvia

"On a challenging structural project for an investment property Revolution saw me through all sorts of headaches with the building department and were able to carry off multiple layout changes with gorgeous results. They've done multiple projects for my family as well as my group of closest friends and are now working on my primary residence!"

Jan S.

"Revolution Contractors have helped my family on numerous projects, providing guidance and honesty throughout all projects. The crew is hardworking and reliable. The owners are quick to respond and very honest. Definitely would recommend!"

Rachel Webb


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