How we do it

We’re not your average construction company. We believe in The Revolution Process. Let us show you how we can solve your biggest problems.

THE Revolution Process

Any good service provider is driven by their processes and systems. And any good construction company has a process that has evolved over countless projects. At Revolution our process drives everything we do, from our initial meeting to our warranty period after final inspections. The easiest way to do it is the way we know how to do it!

Problems We’re Solving

Construction, and especially remodeling, is riddled with cliches and horror stories about contractors and projects from hell. Most stories and stereotypes are based in some shred of historical reality. At Revolution Contractors we recognize and embrace the difficulties of the work we undertake and the environments in which they are located. We try to confront potential problems head-on from the beginning to lessen the impact for our clients and make the projects smoother throughout the process.

How We Handle Your Money

At the end of the day questions about cost and value will always be central to the decision-making involved in whether you build and who you hire for it. So let’s talk turkey. Revolution is always up front about our costs, our fees, and our billing. The more light we shine on it the less chance for misunderstanding. From our initial conversations to our estimating to our invoicing, we want to answer questions before they’re asked so that we can all keep moving forward.


How much is this going to cost? Ah, the age old question. Much like asking how much a car costs, there is a significant amount of subjectivity involved. But we are happy to share some of the pricing guideposts that we have established as reference points.

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