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Open up your floor plan

Taking down a wall to open up your floor plan can make your home feel more modern and functional. Revolution Contractors can help with the design and execution.

Transform your home with one call

Let us guess- you want to take out that wall by your kitchen and open the room up? This is one of the most popular interior changes to make older houses feel more modern and functional based on how we gather, eat, and live in this day and age.

Revolution has been beaming walls for years. We can help design the flow and offer solutions for changes that will need to be made with utilities, flooring, and cabinetry.


You want to open up your floor plan, but you don't know where to start. And you're afraid of what the process will entail or how much it will cost.

You want to open up your floor plan and we can help! We've been taking down walls for years and have the experience and knowledge to help design the flow of your new space and address any concerns you may have about changes that need to be made with utilities, flooring, and cabinetry.

Let Revolution Contractors help you open up your floor plan! We've been beaming walls for years and know exactly what needs to be done to make your home feel more modern and functional.

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The Revolution team is governed and judged on a set list of core values.


I contribute to company unity through common goals and shared values.


I am accountable for doing the job right the first time.


I seek to actively learn and teach construction excellence.


I am vigilant and responsible for the safety of myself and everyone around me.


I work efficiently and I am a steward of company and customer resources.


I consistently use and improve Revolution systems and processes.


I am driven to complete everything that I start, no matter what.

Open Up Your Home to More Possibilities

Ready to get rid of those walls and open up your home?  

Revolution Contractors can help you turn that dated, closed-off floor plan into an updated, modern space that’s both functional and enjoyable. We understand the importance of making wise decisions when it comes to remodeling your home; so we not only design with flow in mind but also account for utilities, flooring, and cabinetry changes.

Imagine having a larger living room where you can host family gatherings or cozy dinners without feeling cramped! And don’t forget about the beautiful kitchen where everyone can come together while preparing meals. All this is possible just by beaming those walls!  

Contact us today at Revolution Contractors and learn more about opening up your space!


Loved by our customers

Nothing means more to us than making our clients happy, unless perhaps it is making them so happy they come back to us or refer us to their friends and family!

"We had multiple contractors tell us that our 100-year old bungalow in Old Southeast should be torn down instead of remodeled. Revolution worked with us on an extensive plan to rebuild structural components and remodel the entire house. Now we have the best house in the block!"

Sean K.

"The guys at Revolution have done projects for us in two houses now. They added a master bathroom for us in northeast St Pete and then remodeled every square inch of a 4500-sq. ft house in Pinellas Pt. Through every challenge over two years of construction they have been there pushing our projects forward. We wouldn't use anybody else!"

Adlai G.

"Awesome company! I had Revolution Contractors do some work on my house and did an amazing job!!! The guys there are great to work with and very professional and knowledgeable on there work. I am very happy they way there work came out and will be getting more work done on my house from them."

Jason Shelton

"Find them to be very professional, provvide sufficient onfo for bidding, easy to contact, and most importantly they pay good. All and all NuTrend really enjoys a very productive and lucrative relationship with Revolution Contractors would recommend the and do often"

David Silvia

"On a challenging structural project for an investment property Revolution saw me through all sorts of headaches with the building department and were able to carry off multiple layout changes with gorgeous results. They've done multiple projects for my family as well as my group of closest friends and are now working on my primary residence!"

Jan S.

"Revolution Contractors have helped my family on numerous projects, providing guidance and honesty throughout all projects. The crew is hardworking and reliable. The owners are quick to respond and very honest. Definitely would recommend!"

Rachel Webb


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