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We strive to craft mutually successful deals for everyone involved, knowing that is the best way to make ourselves successful. We always put our clients first, knowing that long-term repeat relationships are key to our longevity. Our relationships and referrals are among our strongest assets. Please ask, we are proud to provide them.

We spend a great deal of time and money developing the staff that we want representing us day in and day out. The majority of our staff are licensed and, among them, many are active investors and home-owners themselves. When you come to Revolution we will approach you with a personal touch and the  experience necessary to help you realize the best deal possible.



At Revolution Real Estate we have represented everyone from first-time home buyers looking at 900-square-foot bungalows to the largest home-buying corporations in the world, for whom we have written 1000’s of offers and closed on hundreds of homes.



We will help you determine fair market value for your home and we will pursue the sale through to completion. We are vigilant and always prepared for new opportunities on either side of the closing table. Call us to transform your home investment into cash!



Many property managers treat renters like enemies from a foreign land, people to be distrusted and man-handled.
Here at Revolution we remember that almost everyone has rented at one time or another.