Revolution Contractors We Work Hard for YOU!

We have been in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida since 2005, representing buyers, sellers, and landlords, as well as wholesaling and remodeling houses. In 2016 we added a residential contractor’s license so that we can help other people’s projects come to life.
We take pride in the work we do and in the results we create:
  • Our construction team is our newest venture. In 2016, tired of the ever-shrinking margins we were seeing on flips, we decided to get licensed and insured to make sure we’d be able to keep our rehab team together. We have tackled everything from small bathroom remodels to full additions and look forward to getting started building from the ground up in 2018. We are fair and transparent in our pricing and work with only honest and reliable tradesmen and subcontractors. Utilizing top of the line software we are able to return bids quickly and provide an unparalleled communication platform for our clients. Our construction team is up to 12 folks now and growing all the time… Call us for answers or estimates!
  • On the sales side we have brokered over 1200 homes since 2013. Our listings average just 45 days on market and we are happy to work with everyone. In 2017 we sold an investment house for $60,000 in the same month as a $2.1 million condo! Our experience in the marketplace and dedication to doing the right thing by our owners at all times is evident in the relationships and repeat business we have created.
  • Always near and dear to our hearts, we usually can be found managing property for around 50 owners in any given month. Our property management portfolio remains at 99% occupancy and our rental cycle almost always fills properties within 30 days. Because we have a full construction staff we are able to offer preferred rates to our owners and take care of problems promptly. We utilize industry-leading software that allows more thorough background checks and more timely billing and owner payments. If you are ready to surrender the joys of management give us a call!
If you are in the Tampa Bay area and have an issue or a need with any property, give us a call: 727-258-5888. We will treat your property like it is our own!